Sarko Barzinjy

Star Alliance Group was first established in 2005, its GSA of Qatar Airways , Atlas Global , ,Zagros Jet , two years GSA of Egypt Air and one of its companies id start airline which is GSA of Georgian Airways and Sky Middle East which is GSA of Egypt Air Cargo. A New company also established which is Sky Wings which is speciliazed in air cargo and tourism. The purpose behind Star Alliance Group establishment is to support and encourage tourism in Kurdistan Region cities and other cities in the middle and south of Iraq in order to serve the best kind of tourism services to the Iraqi citizens and giving facilities to make trips and travels by the airlines which available in the country and this will effect positively in the trade field , financial , cultural and development of the country . Shabaq Air is one of the bestcompanies in Iraq that looking forward to become the one of the leading companies in the area in the respect of profiting, invention,reputation and the best quality services.