Star Alliance Group was first  established in 2005, its GSA of  Qatar Airways , Atlas Global , ,Zagros Jet , two years GSA of Egypt Air and one of its companies id start airline which is GSA of Georgian Airways and Sky Middle East which is GSA of  Egypt Air Cargo. A New company also established which is Sky Wings which is speciliazed in air cargo and tourism. The purpose behind Star Alliance Group establishment is to support and encourage tourism in Kurdistan Region cities and other cities in the middle and south of Iraq in order to serve the best kind of  tourism services to the  Iraqi citizens and giving facilities to make trips and travels by the airlines which available in the country and this will effect positively in the trade field , financial , cultural and development of the country .  Shabaq Air is one of the bestcompanies in Iraq that looking forward to become the one of the leading companies in the area in the respect of profiting, invention,reputation and the best quality services.

The company aims at the practical participation in the economic development in Iraq and Kurdistan by investing in tourism, air transportation and the preparation of all requirements and tourist services that complies with the national and international development plan. It also aims at the participation in training tourist cadres in cooperation with national and international parties.


1-    The base of the company:

 It is characterized by its easy reach from Erbil and Sulaimaniya airports, its unique services in the respect of rapid registration, very specialized staff as well as trading center inside and outside the airport. Now it is covering more are alike (Kirkuk,Baghdad,Dahuk), and we do have appointed agent more than all over Iraq.

We request the Iraqi civil aviation to open an agency for direct issuing tickets system for Iraqi airways in Feb 2013 and also other airlines in the country which was a great step we made in benefit of our company to give better services in tourism field , thus we moved our place to another area in the city center to support our work and give more and more to our clients …. The area of the company location is very big it reaches the requirements of the licensed companies …. The company contains all the tools and instruments which is available in the international companies in addition to the well trained employee.



The effect of getting GSA on our carrier:

After getting GSA on the below airlines like : Iraqi Airways , Fly Olympic, Fly Dubai , Qatar Airways , Egypt Air, Egypt Air Cargo, Zagrosjet, Atlas Global, Alnaser Airline, it affected positively on the activity of our carrier and activate travelling in the region which also reflects positively on the country income and its prosperity. The companies in Star Alliance Iraq Group have been Appointed agent of:

*Gulf Air


*Qatar Airways


* Etihad Airways

*Turkish Airlines

*Fly Dubai

*Air Arabia


The incoming and outgoing tourism served in high quality in our company in a professional way by providing visas, hotel booking in all over the world …. The location of the company gives that facility to be reachable by the clients any time.


The services types of our company:

+ Electronic reservation system in all airlines inside and outside the country.

+Local flight reservation on Iraqi Airways flights.

+ Tourism Groups for several countries.

+ Airport transportation service by private cars.

+ Hotel booking in all over the world.

+Providing many kinds of visas.

+The most important goals of the company include the activation of travelling by the citizens on the above mentioned airlines.

+ Increasing the country income and developing the cultural ideas of Iraqi nationalities.

+Encourage the transportation inside and outside the country and transporting the goods by air cargo.

+Expanding the business by opening new branches in all the cities.

+The same for those passengers who are in need of health care and treatment outside Iraq, we were able to prepare everything for more than 250 patients to countries like (Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Iran). We are working for developing the country and KRG to make better future by the available methods and also giving best offer for the agencies to activate the business in all the seasons.

2-    Tourism

 From its establishment, Star Alliance focused on tourism, and it was able to conduct more than

100 groups with range of (15-50) pax to the following countries:


• Turkey

• Lebanon

• Cairo

• Jordan

• Iran

• United Arab of Emirates (Dubai)

• Malaysia




3- Amadeus

 This department is responsible for making connection flight reservation for the passengers through (Istanbul, Dubai, Beirut and Amman).

We are among the first companies in using Amadeus and cyber reservation systems and, we were able to book around 4500 segments with Amadeus per year.



4- Medical Insurance 

During the work as travel, we were in need of Medical assurance for our travelers; this is why we got AIC to provide medical insurance worldwide.


5- Our task:

Our task is to achieve distinction in all what we are doing, for doing so we are:

 •      Putting securityin the first place. For doing so we are using the highest security procedures for protecting customers.


•      Focusing on the client by providing the best quality of services and real hospitality that have assigned for meeting the requirement of the passengers.

•      Commitment toward the client by appointing devoted staff willing to be a part of young and vital team and providing them support and training for making sure that they are relaxed, because we believe that our relax is based on our passengers.

•      Understanding and well educated about the value of hospitality in our country at the same time dealing and understanding those who are from different cultures.


Future plans

Star Alliance is aiming at covering more areas and has its branches in other countries, also opening new departments inside the country that will be able to take care of some specified aspect of the travel for the passengers


 Our Staff:


Sarko Barzinjy

General Manager

Bazyan Barzinjy

Commercial Manager 

Wllyan Barzinjy


Address and contacts

Iraq-Kurdistan region –Sulaymaniyah – Meer Soma Bullding

Mob:+964 770 352 78 08

Mob:+964770429 00 03

Mob:+964770429 00 04

Mob:+964750119 64 12

Mob:+964 750 141 0212

Mob:+964770 141 0212

Tel:+  964 053 326 00 66

Tel:+   964 053 320 62 10